Keep LA Covered is a campaign to protect the 600,000 Louisianians who depend on health insurance coverage through programs like Medicaid and private health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Proposed changes at the state and national level could cause hundreds of thousands of Louisianans to lose their coverage and to struggle to afford the care they need.

Lend your voice to this campaign-take action today to #keepLAcovered!

Our Goal:

The goal of #keepLAcovered is to facilitate local advocacy efforts to prevent harmful cuts to coverage and health care services in our community. We aim to provide tools and resources so that everyone is able to take action to protect health care, and ensure that the voices of those affected by health care policy change are heard.

Our Priorities:

  1. No changes to Medicaid that would cut Louisianans off of the program or limit their access to health care.
  2. Any replacement of the ACA must include Medicaid Expansion at its existing funding level and structure.
  3. Medicaid should not be turned into a block grant.